Council invests in public defibs

North Lincolnshire Council EMN-160419-135048001
North Lincolnshire Council EMN-160419-135048001
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North Lincolnshire Council has installed 78 defibrillators around the area, with the equipment now in place in senior schools, leisure and culture sites, fire stations and other convenient public places.

The council has committed £75,000 to provide more publicly available Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), which are fixed to external walls for year round public access.

The Ambulance Service is also training people in their use.

Following a cardiac arrest, chances of survival fall by 10 per cent each minute without any resuscitation.

An AED can make all the difference, especially in areas where medical help is not immediately to hand.

Most defibrillators are linked to East Midlands Ambulance Service and available 24/7; the rest are in schools and rural locations such as golf courses.