Council give support to passport petition

Martin Sizer
Martin Sizer

Caistor Town Council has voted to back a petition for the town’s Post Office to provide a passport advice facility.

Postmaster Martin Sizer - who is also a councillor and did not take part in the vote - says between six and 12 people every day ask him for passport application forms.

The post office has just been upgraded to a main branch but it still does not offer the service.

At the moment people in Caistor have to travel to Market Rasen, Grimsby or Brigg to get a passport application form.

Mr Sizer, who is going to write to the Passport Office, said: “We shouldn’t have to send people to Market Rasen or Brigg, particularly elderly people.

“And if we’re talking about saving the environment, taking more journeys is the last thing we want.

“We’re a town, we’ve got a town hall, a council, a bank, two supermarkets, the fact that people have to go elsewhere for passports is silly.

“We should at least be able to give out the forms to people.”

Speaking at a town council meeting, mayor John Burns-Salmond said: “The Post Office deemed Caistor not big enough to have a passport checking facility.”