Could you help the Rasen look a cut above?

Market Rasen
Market Rasen

Market Rasen Town Council is looking into trying out a new scheme to try to keep the town tidier.

New plans were revealed to ‘put feelers out’ about a town council-run ‘Adopt a verge’ scheme at last Wednesday’s meeting.

Market Rasen EMN-170125-151431001

Market Rasen EMN-170125-151431001

It is hoped the scheme would see Market Rasen residents volunteer to take responsibility for a verge near their home to cut regularly themselves.

The town council is also planning to adopt a verge, for which they would be responsible for maintaining.

The cutting of many roadside grass verges in the area - 
be they on residential estates or country roads, was 
previously the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council.

However, in light of a multi-million pound reduction in its budget, the county council has reduced grass cutting on roadside areas around Lincolnshire.

Funding for amenity grass cutting, which is 
generally carried out in built-up areas, approaches to 
major junctions, stopped from March 31 this year, saving Lincolnshire County Council £600,000 per year.

The council has also reduced cutting of roadside verges from three times to twice per year, saving around £250,000 annually.

Now, the county council has sought to hand on the grass cutting responsibilities to town and parish 
councils across Lincoln-
shire as part of the on-going cutbacks.

If you would be interested in adopting a verge in Market Rasen, Market Rasen Town Council would like to hear from you.

You can get in touch with the town council by 
calling the town council office at the Old Police Station 01673 842479.

You can also email your response to the town clerk via