Costcutter ‘armed robbery’ victim speaks out

Costcutter in Newmarket, Louth.
Costcutter in Newmarket, Louth.

A Louth shopkeeper has relived the moment he wrestled a knife off an armed robber earlier this week.

George Kiruba, 52, was working alone at the back of his Costcutter store in Newmarket, Louth, late on Tuesday evening (April 18) when the robber came in and threatened him with a knife, demanding cash.

Costcutter in Newmarket, Louth.

Costcutter in Newmarket, Louth.

The robber shoved George to the floor, punched and kicked him, and ordered him to empty his pockets while continuing to threaten him with the knife.

However, George decided on a different course of action - fighting back.

George, who has lived and worked in Louth for three years, was able to grab the knife from his attacker and escape through the front door before running to a nearby alley for safety.

Meanwhile, the robber stole around £200 from the shop till. No arrests have been made at this stage, and the police investigation is ongoing.

George was able to escape from the scene with facial injuries, and did not require hospital treatment.

Describing the incident as ‘frightening’, George said that he did not fear for his life - and did not hesitate to fight back against his attacker.

George said: “When he still has the knife in his hand and said to empty my pockets, I knew it was time to fight. So I started to fight and I got his knife.

“The knife came towards me, so I grabbed the knife and bent it so he couldn’t hold it.

“I held out the knife at him and said that he needed to let me go to the till to get the money, before I opened the door and ran away.

“He was still in the store so he grabbed the till and ran away too.”

George added: “I have had a lot of support from my customers and the wonderful local community”, and pointed to a large pile of greetings cards from well-wishers.

• If you have any information about the incident, or witnessed anything, contact police on 101 and quote incident number 469 of April 18.