Concern over homes scheme for greenfield

Planning matters ENGEMN00120140115084325
Planning matters ENGEMN00120140115084325

Concerns have been raised by resident over plans to build 72 new homes on a greenfield site off of Brigg Road in Caistor.

The applicants, Richard Marriott and Robert Oxley, who are both from Caistor, have applied to build 20 detached homes, 22 semi detached, 21 link houses and nine bungalows on the land.

But not all of the town’s resident are in favour of the project.

Caistor resident Heather Grant said: “We have a vested interest as it is right behind us, but it is on beautiful land right next to the Waterhills.

“A lot of people know nothing about this, the reaction has been that of absolute horror.

“They are not needed, It is a big development and there are still houses on the Navigation Lane development empty and plenty of homes in Caistor up for sale.

“It is a money making venture. Who would build on beautiful farmland apart from to make a quick buck.”

In the planning application however, while it recognises that there are important wildlife nearby, it says “they would not be affected by development on this site,” which while being greenfield, does not provide “any significant open space benefits to the town.”

Residents have also raised concerns about adding up to 100 extra cars onto Brigg Road.

Steve Wells said: “They are planning to exit onto Brigg Road which is a very dangerous piece of road.”

But the planning application states that The Highway Authority has been consulted and no specific issues were raised and access arrangements have been drawn to reflect visibility.

It also states that “the town is well located to provide additional housing to respond to the growth on the Humber Bank.”

If given the go-ahead, the applicants would also look to extend the town’s 30mph speed limit out further along Brigg Road to improve safety.

The plans have gone out to public consultation and comments in support of, or against the scheme, can be made to the planning officer Simon Sharp at West Lindsey District Council, or online.

Visit and search for planning application number 131181.