Co-op gives £6,240 for work in cemetery

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WHIST - Results of the whist drive held at Wragby Town Hall on Friday, April 8, organised by Mrs Beryl Coupland and Mr Bryan Townsend.

Snowball: Mrs R Wright, Mrs S Collins and Mrs Y Watson, 1st Lady Mr R Brooks, 2nd Lady Mrs L Swift, 3rd Lady Mrs B Coupland, 1st Gent Mr N Needham, 2nd Gent Mrs E Stubbs, 3rd Gent Mrs M Woodcock.

Lowest Score: Lady Mrs M Brammer, Gent Mr G Eaton.

Miniature: Mrs M Sykes & Mrs R Foster, Mr & Mrs D Taylor.

COUNCIL - Wragby Parish Council held their monthly meeting at the town hall on Monday, April 4, with four members attending.

The chairman reminded everyone that the meeting would be the final one of the current council with elections due on May 5 - 16 sets of nomination papers were issued meaning an election now looks certain.

The council are still waiting for a date from ELDC for the installation of Church Street lighting. This matter is to be followed up.

There has been no word yet from Liz Fleuty of Lincolnshire Limewoods regarding quotes for the proposed Market Square information board.

A £6,240 donation was received from Lincolnshire Co-op (as promised) to Tarmac the cemetery and a memorial bench to be donated as and when agreed with Mr Tomlin.

Coun Wickert stated that the income received in March was more than £8000, including the donation along with burial fees and a VAT refund.

A request was made from the Wragby Football Club for £496.94 for grass cutting.

A donation of £500 was proposed by Coun Elborn and seconded by Coun Parsons and agreed by all. A grant request of £1,000 was received from Wragby Swimming Pool.

Following a brief discussion the grant of £1,000 was proposed by Coun Parsons, seconded by Coun James and agreed by all.

This decision related to the pledge to contribute £5,000 towards village signs.

Coun Elborn stated that the subject could be resurrected by the new council in May and the process restarted.

It was proposed by Coun Wickert, seconded by Councillor Wibberley and agreed by vote that the pledge be rescinded.

A gritter bin will be bought for £400, it was agreed.

It was also suggested by Coun Parsons that an extra salt bin be requested from ELDC, which could be located near the agreed gritter storage site.

Coun Bailey stated that, following his visit to the police forum, his request for assistance regarding traffic entering the village did not receive a great response.

A quote of £13,100 for tarmacing the cemetery, and £1,400 for kerbs, has been received from GD Construction.

This figure was considered too high a cost in the short term.

Coun Wickert informed the council that he was awaiting new season’s lights to become available before proceeding with the purchase. It was agreed to delay the decision until the July meeting.

A new printer has been purchased and the old one is being donated to Wragby Pre-School.

No objections were raised to proposed work to trees in the Wragby Conservation Area at Old Forge, and to wind turbines at Wragby Fire Station.

COFFEE - Trustees of the local Wragby Charity Helping Hands are holding a coffee morning at Wragby Town Hall on Saturday, April 30, from 10am-12p.

There will be lots of stalls and attractions including cakes, 50p tombola – prize every time, bric-a-brac, and a raffle.

Admission is only 50p to include coffee/tea and biscuits.

All welcome.

MEETING - Many local groups and organisations attended the Wragby Annual Parish Meeting was held at the town hall last week.

Tony McArdle, chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council, gave a presentation highlighting the cuts to libraries and youth work. He said many staff will be lost over the next three years, but asked that the community to look towards giving their support by becoming volunteers.

There are 22 different organisations in Wragby all supported by volunteers and questions were raised as to where new people will come from.

Jonathan Platt, head of libraries and heritage at LCC, praised the Wragby Resource Centre which, he said, was one of the real examples of partnership between the council and the community.

The centre will shortly be moved down to the new energy-efficient fire station, along with a new modern library complete with new books, free-access computers and more parking.

Questions raised regarding disabled access, and paved areas along the Lincoln Road which could be potentially dangerous for children walking.

There were also concerns that the fire engines would struggle to get out of the site during heavy traffic in the summer.

The mobile library will be reviewed, but will continue on Fridays at present.

John Sharpe, resources manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said the new fire station is a ‘rare event’ and one that Wragby should be proud of.

Maintence costs of £1,000 for the fire station will have to come out of the parish council’s budget.

ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND - The Methodist Chapel Anniversary coincides with Easter Weekend this year.

The celebration begins with a concert by the Banovallum Singers ‘Wragby goes to the Shows’ in the town hall on Saturday, also St George’s Day, starting at 7.30pm.

Tickets at £4 each, including light refreshments, are available from Wragby Resource Centre or Chapel members. Call 01673 858515 for more information. On Sunday, the anniversary and Easter service will be led by Colin Hare, at 10.45am.

Everyone is invited to help them celebrate at the service and also to join the Easter Egg Hunt.