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Church News

Services in the area from Sunday, May 13

4pm Confirmation and Communion at Middle Rasen.

Market Rasen Parish Church with Legsby, Linwood and Lissington

8am BCP Communion at Lissington; 9.30am Communion at Market Rasen; 11.30am BCP Communion at Linwood.

May 14: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen; 2pm Conversation with God, Market Rasen Church Room; 7pm Evening Prayer at Market Rasen.

May 15: 9am Morning Prayer; 7pm Healing Service, both at Market Rasen.

May 16: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen; 10am - 11.30am Mini Messy Church in the Church Rooms; 7.15pm Choir practice; 7pm Evening Prayer at Market Rasen; 7.30pm Bell ringing and choir practices.

May 17: 9.30am BCP Communion at 7pm Evening Prayer, both at Market Rasen.

May 18 and 19: 9am Morning Prayer; 7pm Evening Prayer, both at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen and Caistor

Methodist Circuit

Brookenby: 10.30am Malcolm Coates.

Caistor: 10.15am the Rev Sarah Parkin; 4.30pm Express; 6pm United Service

Glentham: 6pm Cafe church.

Market Rasen: 10.45am United Service, the Rev Anne Coates.

Middle Rasen: 10.45am Dr Don Owen; 6pm Malcolm Coates.

Nettleton: 2.30pm the Rev Sarah Parkin.

North Kelsey: 10.45am Own arrangements.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

9.15am Mass at Caistor; 11am Mass at Holy Rood; 5.30pm at Osgodby.

Monday - Thursday: 10am Mass at Holy Rood.

Friday: 6pm Mass at Caistor.

Saturday: 5pm Vigil Mass at Hainton.

Market Rasen New Life

10.30am Live Worship and Teaching in the Festival Hall. Details: 01673 849941.

Salvation Army

10.30am Morning Service, followed by refreshments.


8am Communion at Caistor; 9am Communion at Searby; 10.15am Communion at Caistor 6pm Evensong at Caistor.

Kelsey Group

9am Communion at North Kelsey; 6pm Worship at South Kelsey.

Walesby Group.

9am BCP Communion at Normanby; 10.30am Communion at Thoresway; 10.30am Morning Prayer at Walesby; 10.30am Methodist-led service at Brookenby; 6pm Evening Prayer at Stainton.

Middle Rasen Group

9am Communion at Friesthorpe; 10am All Age Worship at Faldingworth; 10.30am Communion at Middle Rasen .

May 16: 9.30am Service at Middle Rasen.

Waddingham group

9am Morning Prayer at Grayingham; 9am Communion at Kirton Lindsey; 9.30am Communion at Snitterby; 11am Morning Worship at Kirton Lindsey.


10.30am Communion.

Barkwith Group

10am Communion at Sixhills.

Binbrook Group

4pm Confirmation service at Binbrook, with Bishop of Richborough..

Wragby Group

9.30am Communion at Wragby; 6pm Evensong at Rand.