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Church news EMN-171220-074228001

Services in the area from Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24

Christmas Eve: 8am BCP Communion at Market Rasen; 10.30am Crib Service at Market Rasen; 11.30pm Midnight Mass at Market Rasen.

Christmas Day: 10am Family Communion Service at Market Rasen.

December 26: No service at Market Rasen.

December 27: No service at Market Rasen.

December 28: 9.30am BCP Communion at Market Rasen.

December 29: No service at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen and Caistor

Methodist Circuit

Christmas Eve: 10.45am Carol Service at Middle Rasen, Dennis Lockwood; 10.45am Service at North Kelsey, the Rev Sarah Parkin; 2pm Carols at Market Rasen, the Rev Anne Coates.

Christmas Day: 9.30am Service at Middle Rasen, the Rev Anne Coates; 10.15am Service at Caistor, the Rev Sarah Parkin.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

Christmas Eve: 9.15am Said Mass at Caistor; 11am Said Mass at Market Rasen; 5pm Children’s Mass at Market Rasen; 7pm Mass at Hainton; 11.30pm Carols and Midnight Mass at Market Rasen.

Christmas Day: 8.30am Said Mass at Market Rasen; 10am Sung Mass at Caistor. Details: 01673 842323.

Market Rasen New Life

Christmas Eve: No service.

Christmas Day: 10.30am Together for Christmas Service in the Festival Hall. Details: 01673 849941.

Middle Rasen Group

Christmas Eve: 5.30pm Nativity at Middle Rasen; 6pm Family Communion with the Methodists at Faldingworth; 11.30pm Midnight Communion at Middle Rasen.

Christmas Day: 10.30am Christmas Day Family Communion at Middle Rasen.

Binbrook Group

Christmas Eve: 10am Communion at Binbrook; 11.15am Communion at Ludford; 11.30pm Communion and Blessing of the Crib at Binbrook.

Christmas Day: 8am Communion at Wold Newton; 11.15am Communion at Ludford.

Walesby Group.

Christmas Eve 9am Communion at Stainton; 3pm Crib Service at Brookenby; 8pm Christmas Eucharist at Tealby.

Christmas Day: 9am Communion and Carols at Claxby; 9.30am Carols and Readings at Stainton; 10.30am Family Communion and Christingle at Walesby.

Caistor Group

8am Said Communion; 10.15am Communion with hymns and music; 4pm Christingle at Caistor; 6pm Christmas Service at Rothwell; 6.30pm Christmas Communion at Grasby; 10pm Christmas Communion at Swallow; 11.30pm Midnight Mass at Caistor.

Christmas Day: 9am Christmas Communion at Searby; 10.15am Christmas Communion at Caistor.


Christmas Eve: 6pm Candlelit Carol Service.

Christmas Day: 10am Communion.

Kelsey Group

Christmas Eve: 10am Communion at South Kelsey; 11pm Group Christmas Eucharist at Holton le Moor.

Christmas Day: 11am Family Communion at North Kelsey.

Barkwith Group

Christmas Eve: 11.30pm Midnight Communion at Sixhills.

Christmas Day: 10am Christmas Communion at East Barkwith.

Owmby Group

Christmas Eve: 9.30am Communion at Saxby; 11am Christingle Service at Owmby; 6pm Christmas Eve Service at Glentham; 11.30pm Midnight Mass at Spridlington.

Christmas Day: 10.30am Christmas Day Communion at Hackthorn..

Waddingham Group

Christmas Eve: 9am Communion at Kirton Lindsey; 9.30am Communion at Waddingham; 11am Morning Worship at Kirton Lindsey; 6pm Carol Service at Kirton Lindsey; 11.30pm Midnight Mass at Kirton Lindsey.

Christmas Day: 9am Family Communion for Christmas at Grayingham; 10am Family Communion for Christmas at Snitterby; 10am Christmas Morning Worship at Kirton Lindsey.

Wragby Group

Christmas Eve: 4pm Crib Service by Candlelight, with donkey, carols and Nativity play, at Wragby; 11.15pm Midnight Service of Communion by Candlelight at Wragby.

Christmas Day: 9am Carols and Communion at Snelland; 9.30am United Christmas Morning Service at Wragby Methodist Church.

Orthodox Christian Church.

Services held at East Chapel, Louth Cemetery. Details: or contact 07397 220728,