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Services in the area from Sunday, January 31

10am Communion with Children’s Church and Young People’s group, at Market Rasen.

February 1: 8.30am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen.

February 3: 9am Morning Prayer at Market Rasen; 10am - 11.30am Mini Messy in Market Rasen Church Room; 7.30pm Bell ringing practice.

February 4: 9.30am BCP Communion at Market Rasen; 10.30am Communion at Waterloo House.

February 5: 6.45pm Choir Practice.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

9.15am Mass at Caistor; 11am Mass at Holy Rood.

Daily Mass at Holy Rood, Monday to Thursday, at 10am; Friday 6pm at Caistor.

Saturday: Confessions and Exposition 10am, followed by Mass at 10.30am at Holy Rood; 5.30pm Vigil at St Francis De Sales, Hainton.

For more details contact Fr Robert Thacker on 01673 842323

Market Rasen and Caistor

Methodist Circuit

Brookenby: 10.30am Own arrangements.

Caistor: 10.15am the Rev Stuart Gunson.

Glentham: 4pm Cafe Worship, the Rev Anne Coates.

Market Rasen: 10.45am the Rev Anne Coates.

Middle Rasen: 10.45am Own arrangements; 6pm the Rev Louise Carr.

Nettleton: 2.30pm Own arrangements.

North Kelsey: 10.45am Own arrangements.

The Salvation Army

10.30am Morning Worship; 5.30pm Evening Fellowship, informal meeting, followed by a cup of tea.

Market Rasen New Life

10.30am Worship and Teaching in the Festival Hall; 11am -12.15pm Centrepoint, for children under 14, in the committee room; 6.30pm Church Prayer meeting.

For more details call 01673 849941.

Middle Rasen Group

10.30am Group Communion at Middle Rasen.

February 3: 9.30am BCP Communion at Middle Rasen.


8am Holy Communion; 10.15am Communion.

Nettleton Parish Church

10am Group Service at Croxby.

Walesby Group

10.30am Group Communion at Claxby.

February 3: 9.30am BCP Communion at Tealby.

Kelsey Group

10am Group Communion at South Kelsey.

Barkwith Group

10am Morning Prayer at Sixhills.

February 4: 9am Service at East Barkwith.

Waddingham Group with Kirton Lindsey

9am Communion for Candlemas at Grayingham; 10.15am Covenant Service at Waddingham Chapel; 11am Worship for Wholeness and Healing at Kirton Lindsey.

Binbrook Group

Parish Mass: 10am Binbrook; 11.15am Ludford.

Wragby Group

9.30am Communion at Wragby

Orthodox Christian Church

10.30am Divine Liturgy at St Aethelheard’s Orthodox Christian Church, East Chapel, Louth Cemetery, London Road, Louth LN11 9QP. All welcome.

February 2: Feast of the Meeting of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Temple - 10.30am Divine Liturgy, as above.

February 6: 4pm Great Vespers at St Aethelheard’s, as above.