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Services in the area from Sunday, March 29.

Market Rasen Parish Church with Legsby, Linwood and Lissington

10am Communion with Children’s Church and Young People’s Group, including distribution of pal crosses at Market Rasen.

March 30: 8.30am Morning Prayer, 7pm Evening Prayer and Reflection at Market Rasen.

March 31: 7pm Evening Prayer and Reflection at Market Rasen.

April 1: 9am Morning Prayer, 7pm Evening Prayer and Reflection at Market Rasen.

April 2: 9.30am BCP Communion, 7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service at Market Rasen.

April 3: 2pm Good Friday Service at Market Rasen.

April 4: 10.30am - 11.30am Family Easter Service for crafts, treasure hunt, worship and refreshments; 7.30pm Easter Vigil, bot at Market Rasen.

Market Rasen Catholic Church

9.15am Mass at Caistor; 11am Mass at Holy Rood.

Daily Mass at Holy Rood, Monday to Wednesday, at 10am.

Maundy Thursday: 7.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Holy Rood.

Good Friday: 3pm Service of Sorrow at Holy Rood; 6pm Mass at Caistor.

Holy Saturday: 5.30pm Mass at St Francis De Sales, Hainton; 7.30pm Easter Vigil at Holy Rood.

For more details contact Fr Tom Breslin on 01673 842323 or

Market Rasen and Caistor Methodist Circuit

Market Rasen: 10.45am the Rev Andrew Lomax.

Caistor: 10.15am Mike Childs.

Nettleton: 2.30pm Sacrament, the Rev Andrew Lomax.

Binbrook at Brookenby: 10.30am Jane Lloyd.

Middle Rasen: 10.30am United Service at the Parish Church; 6pm the Rev Anne Coates.

North Kelsey: 10.45am the Rev Anne Coates.

Faldingworth: 10.45am Own arrangements.

The Salvation Army

10.30am Morning Worship; 5.30pm Evening Fellowship, informal meeting, followed by a cup of tea. For more details contact 01673 842859

Market Rasen New Life

10.30am All Age Service. For more details call 01673 849941.

Caistor Group

8am Communion at Caistor; 9am Communion at Searby; 10am Procession and Communion at Rothwell (meet in pub car park); 10.15am Communion and distribution of Palm Crosses at Caistor.

March 30, 31 and April 1: 6pm Compline at Caistor.

Maundy Thursday: 7pm Communion at Caistor.

Good Friday: 10.15am Service and Walk of Witness, beginning at Caistor Methodist Church; 3pm Good Friday Reflections at Caistor; 7pm Good Friday Service at Grasby.

Holy Saturday: 8pm Service of Light and Renewal of Baptismal Vows at Caistor.

Nettleton Parish Church

10am Group Service at Rothwell.

Middle Rasen Group

10am Procession from Cricket Meadows to 10.30am Family Service at Faldingworth; 10am Procession to 10.30am Joint Family Service at Middle Rasen.

Maundy Thursday: 7.30pm Communion and Watch at Middle Rasen.

Good Friday: 1pm Pilgrimage Walk from Faldingworth to Friesthorpe; 2pm Hour before the Cross at Middle Rasen.

Walesby Group

10.30am Group Communion at Kirmond.

March 30: 6pm Short Evening Prayer at Stainton.

March 31: 6pm Short Evening Prayer at Normanby.

April 1: 9.30am Communion at Tealby; 6pm Stations of the Cross at Claxby.

Maundy Thursday: 6pm Simple Communion at Brookenby.

April 3: 2pm At the Foot of the Cross at Tealby.

Kelsey Group

10am Meet at Kingerby Church for Procession to Kirkby cum Osgodby for Group Communion at 10.30am; 6pm Festival Evensong with Procession at North Kelsey.

April 1: 7pm Compline and Address at Thornton le Moor.

Maundy Thursday: 7pm Communion at North Owersby.

Good Friday: 2pm Prayer, Meditation and Hymns at Kingerby.

Easter Eve: 8pm Lighting of the Easter Fire, Blessing of the Paschal Candle and Easter Exultet at North Kelsey.

Owmby Group

10.30am Group Communion at Scampton.

March 30: 7.30pm Stainer’s Crucifixion by Cabra Singers at Spridlington.

Maundy Thursday: 7pm Communion with washing of feet at Glentham.

Good Friday: 2pm Last Hour Service at Hackthorn.

April 4: 10.30am Making and Easter Garden at Hackthorn.

Waddingham Group with Kirton Lindsey

9am Communion at Grayingham; 9.30am Joint Service of Family Communion for Pal Sunday at Snitterby; 11am All Age Worship for Pal Sunday at Kirton in Lindsey.

March 30: 7pm Compline at Grayingham.

April 1: 7pm Compline at Kirton in Lindsey.

Good Friday: 10.30am Walk and Worship at Grayingham; 6pm Stations of the Cross at Kirton in Lindsey.

Binbrook Group

Mass, Blessing and Distribution of Palma: 9am Kelstern, 10am Binbrook, 11.15am Ludford.

March 31: 10am Mass at Swinhope.

Maundy Thursday: 7.30pm Mass, Stripping of Altars and Vigil until 9pm Compline.

Good Friday: 2pm The Passion, Veneration of the Cross and Mass of the Pre-Sanctified at Binbrook.

Holy Saturday: 7.30pm Confessions; 8pm Lighting of the Paschal Candle, renewal of Baptismal Vows and Blessing of the Font at Binbrook.

Barkwith Group

10am Family Service at East Barkwith.

Maundy Thursday: 9am Communion at East Barkwith.

Good Friday: 2pm Good Friday Liturgy at Sixhills.

Orthodox Christian Church

10.30am Divine Liturgy at St Aethelheard’s Orthodox Christian Church, East Chapel, Louth Cemetery, London Road, Louth LN11 9QP. All welcome.