Children’s poster campaign to help combat speeding

Children of Rothwell say slow down. EMN-150331-072010001
Children of Rothwell say slow down. EMN-150331-072010001

Concerned for the safety of themselves and others, two schoolchildren have been urging residents and visitors to a Wolds village to slow down as they pass through.

Eva Miller and Kara Biglands of Rothwell had become so concerned about the issue they designed their own poster last year and delivered it to residents and local businesses. Kara also wrote a letter to her MP.

Following a nasty accident in the village last week, on the road where Kara and other children live and also wait for their school bus, the children contacted the Rasen Mail to highlight the problem.

“We just wanted to let people know that there are a lot of children in this village and that they should slow down when driving here,” said Eva.

“It was really scary to see a car on its side and another smashed up right where we walk to the bus or ride our bikes,” added Kara.

And Eve’s father Chris, a parish Councillor for the village, said: “The Parish Council discusses these matters at every meeting and we make our concerns known to the police who do visit from time to time, but there are only limited things the Parish can do.

“The children are trying to raise awareness and the new signs reminding drivers to slow down are now up, but really it is down to the drivers themselves to show some common sense and consideration for their surroundings as they pass through the village.”