Charity ‘very grateful’ for generosity

Rasen Mobility co-owners Mark and Nicky with Dick Cooper
Rasen Mobility co-owners Mark and Nicky with Dick Cooper
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A charity has thanked generous business owners who replaced money that had been stolen by heartless thieves during a raid.

Rasen Mobility owners Mark Vickers and Nikki Woodhead were disgusted to hear 
thieves had broken in to Cooper’s Countryside Choice animal feed store in Bleasby Moor and stolen two charity boxes.

The kind pair - who read the tale in last week’s Rasen Mail - decided to give store owners Sue and Dick Cooper £60 to replace money that had been taken from a full Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance box and a box for Cancer Research UK.

But Dick and Sue had already decided to replace the money themselves - so the charities will now get double the amount of funding.

Dick said: “It was very kind of them. It’s overwhelming.

“It’s like the old saying - good always comes after bad.

“We’d already decided we were going to make the loss up ourselves - this is going to make it even better.

“They’re going to end up with more than they would have had. It’s fantastic.”

Mark and Nikki - whose business is based in Union Street, Market Rasen - both have pets and regularly shop 
at Coopers Countryside 

Mark said: “It’s a despicable thing taking charity boxes.”

Nikki added: “It’s a disgraceful thing to do. We want to help - Dick and Sue will do anything for anyone.

“And the charities shouldn’t lose out.”