Charity needs more volunteer drivers

Volunteers are needed for a new project to help people who are less able or cannot access public transport.

WRVS - a charity that helps older people live happy, independent lives - is looking for people to run a community car scheme.

The scheme aims to prevent isolation and loneliness that can set in for older people when they start finding it difficult to get out and about.

Volunteers are asked to give up a couple of hours, or more, each week to be a driver for elderly people so they can get out of the house.

WRVS says it will improve their mental and physical wellbeing and reduce the stress associated with things like going to medical appointments.

WRVS services manager Andrew Tysoe said: “From our work with older people we know that services such as this make a real difference to quality of life.

“However, to make the scheme a success, we need new volunteers based throughout West Lindsey who have a vehicle who are willing to give up just a couple of hours of their time each week, to help those who need it most.”

All volunteer drivers will get 45p per mile to cover their expenses.

For more information, or if you would like to use the scheme, call 01427 617269.