Charity ambition for 2014 top of Mayor’s priority list

Mayor of North Lincolnshire Peter Clark
Mayor of North Lincolnshire Peter Clark
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A Brigg man done good! As 2013 turns to 2014 North Lincolnshire Mayor Coun Peter Clark spent time with Brigg reporter Peter Thompson reflecting on a journey that took him from Mill Lane in Brigg to be the county’s first citizen.

Peter Clark was born in Mill Lane in 1943, two years before the war ended. He went to Glebe Road School when it was all age, though his final year was spent as one of the first intake at the new Glanford Secondary School.

On leaving, he started work as an apprentice agricultural engineer with well known Brigg firm E H Smith. From there he moved to work in the electrical department of Scunthorpe Steelworks. His longest employment was at Lindsey Oil Refinery in Killingholme where he worked for 31 years until his retirement in 2001.

Peter’s political career began when he joined the Conservative Party in 1991 and was elected for the Abbey Ward – the Thornton Curtis area, on the then Glanford Borough Council. By 1999, Glanford and Humberside were history and Peter won the Ferry seat on the new North Lincolnshire Council.

Peter Clark has his own thoughts and ambition for the region’s development: “It is a big honour to be the First Citizen and I feel it is all about promoting business and the council. I look at Brigg and see a real development with the Heritage Centre, and the Tourist Information Centre. They are putting Brigg more and more on the map.”

That continues to be Peter’s aim for the wider North Lincolnshire area until his office ends in May.

He has one other ambition: “I would love to get £20k in my charity fund this year for ‘Wish Upon a Star’. We have got past £10k and I am grateful to everyone for their support.”