Changes to gritting rules for farmers

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Users of agricultural tractors, light agricultural vehicles and agricultural material handlers can now use red diesel in their vehicles when gritting public roads.

These changes follow an overwhelmingly positive response to a public consultation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Previously, only vehicles constructed or adapted solely for gritting roads were allowed to use red diesel for gritting purposes.

This restriction prevented farmers from using their tractors and other agricultural vehicles that are ordinarily fuelled with red diesel to respond quickly to adverse weather 

HMRC accepts that due to their design and off-road capability, these can often be the most suitable vehicles for snow clearance and gritting, whether this is through the attachment or trailing of equipment or the simple transportation of material to be spread manually.

HMRC deputy director for transport taxes Hedvig Ljungerud said: “People in Lincolnshire will now be able to call upon these versatile and readily available vehicles to maintain access during periods of heavy winter weather.”