Celebration time for Brigg Methodists

Brigg Methodist Church-celebrating 50 years this month.
Brigg Methodist Church-celebrating 50 years this month.

The 50th Anniversary of the building of Brigg Methodist Church will be celebrated in style over the next two weekends.

The formal opening took place on 7th December 1963 and marked the end of an era when there had been three crumbling Methodist churches in Brigg. In their place in 1963 came a bright modern building.

It had been quite a struggle in the post war era to get the three Brigg churches to come together - the United Free Church was in Bigby Street, while the Bourne Methodist and Wesley Methodist were both in Bridge Street.

Discussions began in the early 1950s at a time when all three churches had small congregations and the decision was taken by local Methodists to build a new church to centralise worship in a brand new building.

The two final events in the year of celebrations are real coups for Brigg.

The President of the Methodist Church, not just in the UK but world-wide, the Rev Ruth Gee, will be visiting Brigg for a Barton and Brigg Circuit afternoon and evening this Saturday, November 23, and she will lead worship on Sunday, November 24 at 10.30am in the Brigg church.

The actual 50th Anniversary, the church birthday, is on Sunday December 1, when the Rev Gareth Hill, from Methodist HQ in London, will be welcomed to the 10.30am service.

This will be followed by a celebration lunch at the Angel for church members.

The worship at 6pm will be a Songs of Praise, led by the Rev David Rushton.

On Saturday November 30, from 10am to 12 noon, the church will be holding a Gift Day and coffee morning when the minister the Rev Enid Knowles will be pleased to accept any monetary gifts for the church.

All are welcome at the services and events which form the celebration of the 50th anniversary.

“We ask where does the 50-year-old building stand today if its fit for purpose role in a modern church,” said Mary Knaggs, PR for the church.

“Structure wise the church is always having to be updated and improved to meet current standards, but some of the property decisions recently made have been done with energy saving and improving the carbon footprint in mind.

“At a recent church council meeting, a decision was made to look into the possibilities of installing solar panels on the roof.

“If the church is able to go ahead with the plan, it will not only be saving money in the long run but helping towards a greener planet. It would be an innovative move!”

One common feature of the new church 50 years ago and the church of 2013 is the charity work members are involved in. Some of the members are now volunteering at the Brigg Food Bank and for several years now, the church has been sponsoring six children and their communities in various parts of the world, including Ethiopia and India, through the charity Action Aid.