Caretaking couple bid a fond farewell to Caistor Town Hall

Hall chairman Ruth Smith (centre) with Dot and Eric Anderson cutting the cake.  (Lin)
Hall chairman Ruth Smith (centre) with Dot and Eric Anderson cutting the cake. (Lin)
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A Caistor caretaking couple have thrown in the buckets and the cleaning gear after almost half a century of service.

Team Anderson - Eric and Dot - have given up the early mornings and late nights to enjoy their retirement after 24 years as caretakers at Caistor Town Hall.

-Dot and Eric Anderson's Retirement

-Dot and Eric Anderson's Retirement

A retirement party was held in the hall attended by many people from various associations who have used the facilities over the years.

Hall chairman Ruth Smith presented several presents to the couple, including a bottle of whisky for Eric and a watch for Dot.

Eric, who enjoyed a tipple after work, was also given a stopper for his whisky bottle, a watering can to remind him of his love of gardening and his contribution to the town’s hanging baskets and a 

“Eric and Dot will be missed by everyone,” said Ruth.

“They have been more than a caretaking team at the Town Hall, treating it like a second home.

“They have taken organisations and clubs under their wings, looking after them like family, putting themselves out and getting to know their particular needs.

“Early mornings, late nights, bad weather conditions, snow, blizzards, storms, rain and the occasional sun - but they never failed to turn out on time to greet the customers.

“We all hope they will both have more time for the pleasures of life, including gardening, holidays and more meals at the Settlement.”

Following the presentations, Dot and Eric completed their last task - handing over the keys to the newly appointed caretaker, Ronald Mackin.