Caravan site fears are branded as ‘ridiculous’

FEARS a proposed caravan park could become the next Dale Farm have been branded ‘ridiculous’ and ‘total nonsense’ by the current owner of the site.

Caistor resident Freddie Smith plans to sell his Brigg Road bungalow and 1.7 hectares of land to businessman Phil Manning, who wants to turn the site into a touring caravan park with space for 40 caravans, 20 tents, a cafe and shop.

Brigg Road Residents Group is furious about the potential road dangers they say the park will cause and resident Alan Pearce said the caravan park could become the next Dale Farm – an illegal gypsy site in Essex which saw residents evicted after riot police got involved.

But Mr Smith thinks there is ‘no way’ the proposed caravan park will become the next Dale Farm and says it can only be a good thing for the town.

He said: “To say it could end up like Dale Farm is just scaremongering. It’s ridiculous. It will cause no problems whatsoever. Phil wants to get involved with the community of Caistor, the man’s spending a lot of money on making sure everything’s just right.

“It will bring people into the town and they will spend their money in the town and use the amenities around the area. I don’t know where people get this nonsense about people not spending money in Caistor.”

Mr Smith said he knows at least 10 other people who have no objections to the application and he disputes residents’ claims caravans pulling onto the busy road would be dangerous.

He said: “I don’t really think it’ll have an impact on the traffic on Brigg Road because Phil’s putting in a slip road at the entrance.”

And Mr Smith says people should not be worried about caravans being visible from the Wolds and Viking Way because other businesses are visible from the Wolds and it does not cause any problems.

The planning application has been submitted to West Lindsey District Council and a public consultation is now under way.