Can you house The Rasen Rovers team?

A SPORT for dogs that has taken the UK by storm is on its way to Market Rasen – but the organiser needs your help to find a venue.

Sonya Thomas is setting up flyball and dog training group The Rasen Rovers but cannot find a suitable flat grassed field with space for parking.

Flyball is a dog relay race between two teams of four dogs who jump over four hurdles, collect a ball then race back over the hurdles for the next dog to race, the race is won by whichever team finishes first.

Sonya – who has been a member of flyball group The Brigg Muttley Crew for the past three years – said: “We want to start this new venture to give dogs and owners a fun activity combined with dog training through play and reward.

“Our aim is for people to enjoy their dogs, socialise and have fun and you can do as much or as little training as you want or if you really get hooked enter a tournament.

“We have club rules in place that the area is to be left clean and the team will hold suitable insurance. I can understand the objection by people not to allow dogs but it always seems to be the case that responsible dog owners who want to enjoy having a pet have to suffer for a minority.”

Flyball – seen on TV at Crufts - has grown in popularity since its introduction in the early 1990s from America and there are now teams all over the UK who compete at tournaments.

The Market Rasen-based club will be open to all breeds of dogs of all ages. Sonya said: “We hope to attract a wide variety of people as we aim to incorporate a variety of dog training and related issues as well as flyball.”

If you can help or would like more information contact Sonya on 01673 885432.