Can you give terrier Pip a new home?

Pip is looking for a new home EMN-150926-150516001
Pip is looking for a new home EMN-150926-150516001

A dog whose owner was jailed for a string of animal welfare offences is looking for a new home.

Terrier Pip, is currently being cared for near Market Rasen, but urgently needs a new home.

Pip’s revious owner, Guy Capp, 25, of Hawthorne Avenue, Brigg, has been jailed for four months and banned from keeping animals for 

On September 9, Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court heard how Capp admitted four offences relating to animal welfare.

He pleaded guilty to: keeping two female dogs, Pip and Jazz, for animal fighting, causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs by failing to provide veterinary care and attention for their wounds and conjunctivitis, causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic ferret and arranging an animal fight, in December last year.

Humberside Police wildlife officer Howard Garlick discovered Pip and Jazz in Capp’s vehicle, muddy and covered in old and new 

Police seized Capp’s mobile phone, which contained several video clips.

One of the clips shows Pip and Jazz being encouraged to fight over a toy and another showing them pulling a fox from an earth, the court 
was told.

Sgt Garlick said: “Keeping a dog for fighting is a most extreme form of 

Jazz, a bull lurcher, had about 50 old scars and Pip had about 50 old scars and 10 more recent wounds.

Pip had an infected lower lip and both dogs had eye infections.

Jazz has already been rehomed.

For more information about giving a new home to Pip, call the RSPCA on 0300 1234