Can you fill a shoebox?

Bring a ray of hope to the lives of children like those pictured on this page by taking part in the Rotary International Shoe Box Scheme.

Thank you to all the Mail readers who have supported this year’s appeal so far.

Every year we promote this scheme in the paper and every year we get a great response.

To take part, go along to Rasen Hub in Union Street, Market Rasen, collect a free flat pack box and fill it with new or quality used toys, teenage items or household goods.

Suitable toys to include in the box are small toy cars, small bouncy balls, jigsaws, fluffy toys, dolls, colouring books, felt tip pens and yo-yos. Household goods such as soap, toothpaste and brushes, letter paper and pens are always welcome.

Don’t forget teenagers with gifts such as make-up, toiletries, sportswear, scarves, gloves, hats, writing materials, combs and football memorabilia.

Please attach a £1 coin to the top of the box to cover transport costs. Filled boxes must be returned to us at Rasen Hub by November 16.

Rotary deliver your boxes to Romania, Ukraine and Belarus.

They say items we take for granted in our daily lives can make a huge difference to the poor families there.

In the case of the children, these toys may be the first gifts they have received for a very long time.

Rotary is urging people only to take the boxes if they are intending on filling them as there are a limited amount available.

The Rasen Mail and its sister newspapers, along with Lincolnshire’s Rotary Club’s collect hundreds of shoeboxes every year, and they really do make a difference to the lives of some of Europe’s poorest children.