Calls for CCTV after £1,700 Caistor Post Office scam

Caistor Post Office in the town's Market Place
Caistor Post Office in the town's Market Place

A reported £1,700 fraud at Caistor Post Office has ‘kicked the town into action’ over its lack of CCTV.

Postmaster and Caistor town councillor Martin Sizer says residents are ‘disgusted’ about the incident at his shop and are now calling for cameras to be installed around the town.

Two men reportedly scammed a post office cashier out of almost £1,700 on February 21.

The shop’s own CCTV system captured the incident on camera, but there is no additional footage of the men’s vehicle or approach to the shop.

Coun Sizer said: “It’s kicked a lot of people into action about the CCTV.

“We’ll [Caistor Town Council] have to look at that.

“We really need a proper CCTV system in Caistor and hopefully this will kick people into action.”

Coun Sizer said that since the incident last month, several people have written to the council calling for the town to get a CCTV system.

And he said many people have expressed similar desires on social media channels.

Coun Sizer said: “If we had a proper system we might have been able to get more details - a registration 

“People are quite disgusted about what has happened.”

Several years ago Caistor Town Council sent out questionnaires to residents asking for their views on CCTV in the town.

Coun Sizer said: “The overwhelming majority wanted to get CCTV but a couple of people complained and contacted West Lindsey [District Council]… and it was all off.”

He added: “I end up giving the police my footage [for any incidents in the 

Caistor Post Office cashier Katy last week told the Mail she ‘immediately’ felt like something ‘shifty’ was happening when two men came into the shop and one of them took her colleague around a corner under the pretence of looking for a card.

Katy, 22, who has worked at the post office for five years, said one of the men used ‘sleight of hand’ techniques to scam her out of almost £1,700.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “This is a report of fraud.

“Two men have reportedly entered a premises on Market Place, Caistor, before attempting to scam 
workers. A sum of money has been taken.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Anyone who has information should call police on 101 and quote incident 287 of February 21.