Call for better service at Brigg

Brigg Station-deserted midweek but there are new hopes for a brighter future.
Brigg Station-deserted midweek but there are new hopes for a brighter future.

A better rail service through Brigg - that is what the town urgently needs according to North Lincolnshire Councillor Carl Sherwood, who recently stood down after his year in 
office as Town Mayor.

Now North Lincolnshire Council, local MP Andrew Percy and the town council are responding to a public invitation from central government to submit requests for a better service.

For 20 years now the town station has only been open on Saturdays, with three trains running each way.

The line links Barnetby and Brigg to Gainsborough, Retford and Sheffield.

In the past two years there has been an upgrading of the line for freight and it has been extensively used as a freight diversion while the line between Scunthorpe and Hatfield was blocked after a landslide.

The line has been so busy through Brigg recently the council has received complaints about night time noise from passing trains and traffic waiting times at the Bigby High Road crossing gates.

The main line is now reopen, but Brigg’s campaigners are determined to press their case for a regular weekday passenger service.

“We need a service in the week and we need to campaign for that, but we also need to gauge local feeling on this,” said Coun Sherwood.

Evidence needs to be provided to the House of Commons Transport Committee by those communities affected by poor public transport.

Responses to the public invitation to put the case forward are needed by Monday, September 2.

Details of the consultation can be found at .