Caistor school to celebrate 75 years

Caistor Yarborough Jeremy Newnham
Caistor Yarborough Jeremy Newnham
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On Thursday September 5, the first day of the new academic year, the students from Caistor Yarborough will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original school with curriculum based activities.

Headteacher Jeremy Newnham said: “I’m so excited at the prospect of celebrating the Academy’s 75 year history.

“The educational landscape is forever changing and nothing illustrates this more poignantly than the headteacher’s diaries which I have spent more than a few minutes poring over.”

The academy is also organising an evening event on Friday October 18, the official opening date. If former students have any copies of photographs, uniform or other memorabilia please let the school borrow them so a visual display of the school’s history can be created.

The evening is by invite only so if you are interested in attending please contact