Caistor couple enjoy marathon successes

Linda Tyler enjoying the London Marathon on Sunday EMN-140415-085128001
Linda Tyler enjoying the London Marathon on Sunday EMN-140415-085128001

An intrepid running couple from Caistor, Keith and Lynda Tyler, have just completed their Spring Marathon Charity Challenge.

Keith ran the Paris Marathon a week ago with Linda supporting him around the route.

A week later it was Linda’s turn to run the 26.2 miles when she competed in the London Marathon, with Keith cheering her on at six places along the course.

Keith reported on his Paris Marathon, “Despite my really awful, injury prone, preparation training schedule I amazingly completed the marathon relatively unscathed.”

Keith describes his nerves waiting at the start line, “Having not run at all during the last three and a half weeks I had no idea if my injuries had healed or not, and as to whether I would be able to run at all.”

But luckily for Keith, he followed strict instructions from his physiotherapist to rest his damaged muscle until the big day. “It was with much relief as I started the race that I was able to run for a while at an easy and relaxed pace.”

On having to slow Keith said, “I didn’t mind that at all, I knew if I could just get to half-way then I would complete the second half on sheer willpower alone if nothing else. My official finish time was 5hrs 35mins 19secs.”

Linda then ran the London Marathon on Sunday, April 13,

She said: “What a brilliant day my birthday turned out to be. Sitting on the grass at Blackheath sipping a coffee in the sunshine, I was apprehensive about the run before me.

“I had three goals in my mind: to beat 5hrs 10mins 40secs, the time I achieved as a 60-year-old vet, to achieve a course record for London by beating my previous 5hrs 07mins 03secs set in 2006, and the long shot, to gain a personal best beating my 4hrs 52mins 15secs set in Venice in 2005.”

Keith gave Linda the support she needed throughout the race, as well as the cheering crowd,

Linda added: “Miles 14-15 were hard. Seeing Keith at mile 15 was a real boost and I pressed on with the next three miles going better than I had experienced in the past.

“Keith appeared again at mile 18 and after taking some much needed pain relief from him I progressed on. The supporters through Canary Wharf were standing three and four deep on both sides of the road and many were shouting my name, it was impossible to see specific people but it gave me a real boost.”

Linda finished the race smashing all three targets with a time of 4hrs 50mins 08secs. The couple raised more than £400 for Prostate Cancer.