Caenby Corner co-operative helps clear snowy sites

Ring Manager's Jayne Hunt and Andrew Beckingham EMN-180603-144915001
Ring Manager's Jayne Hunt and Andrew Beckingham EMN-180603-144915001

Lincolnshire Machinery Ring (LMR) sent out members - agricultural contractors - to various sites across Lincolnshire and other areas within the East Midlands last week, to clear the snow at various sites, including supermarkets.

Ring managers, Jayne Hunt and Andrew Beckingham were working from 2.30am in the mornings to very late finishes last week to help keep the region moving, deploying LMR members to undertake snow clearance.

Jayne and Andrew would like to thank all of the LMR members who undertook snow clearance.

Jayne said: “Their help was very much appreciated as they were working throughout the night and the early hours of the mornings in very harsh weather conditions.

“We are very proud to have highly experienced snow clearance contractors as members of LMR.

“When people do get stuck behind a tractor during harvest, please remember that it is the farmers and agricultural contractors that also help clear the snow, plus the fact they are the ones that put food on our plates as Lincolnshire is one of the largest producers of food in the UK.”