Buy a brick to help elderly cats

Volunteer John Graham with the Buy a Brick shop window display EMN-150105-154518001
Volunteer John Graham with the Buy a Brick shop window display EMN-150105-154518001

The founder of a unique retirement home for cats has launched a fundraising campaign so its facilities can be expanded.

The Osgodby-based Lincolnshire Trust for Cats has started a ‘Buy a Brick’ scheme to raise £30,000 to build an extension to its existing retirement 

The trust runs a retirement scheme for elderly cats whose owners, through various circumstances, can no longer offer them a home.

But there are some cats who are elderly and out on the street and have no one to pay their £850 fee to go to the home.

The trust wants to build an extension for these less fortunate cats, so they can live out their remaining days in comfort.

Each brick costs £5. So far £4,000 has been raised and 5,200 bricks still need to be sold.

Trust founder Jain Hills said: “We’ve had quite a good reaction so far.

“People who aren’t from anywhere near Market Rasen have come into the shop and donated.”

The trust has designed an eye-catching window display aimed at boosting fundraising in its charity shop in Market Rasen’s Queen 

She said: “At the moment there are more cats out there than homes for them.

“People who adopt cats prefer to take younger cats - not those who are over 10 years old.

“There are old cats out there on the streets who haven’t got anyone to pay their fee for them to come in.

“We want to help these cats.”

Jain said the Lincolnshire Trust for Cats is the country’s only retirement home for 

She said the trust looks after about 85 cats who have come to Osgodby from all over the UK.

Jain said: “Some of our cats’ owners have moved abroad and they want to know they are in a good place and being looked after well.”

The existing retirement home provides cats with luxuries including heated beds, sofas and an open 

Jain said older cats can be more expensive to look after, due to their veterinary 

She said: “We’ve got staff and a vet to pay for.

“We’ve got cats who have things like diabetes and epilepsy so they can be quite costly.”

For more information about the charity or to buy a brick visit

Or you can go to the trust’s charity shop in Queen Street, Market Rasen.