Businesses losing out due to A46 closure

Takings have dropped by 33 per cent some days at Crossroads Stores
Takings have dropped by 33 per cent some days at Crossroads Stores

Several businesses in Middle Rasen claim they are losing profits on a daily basis due to the temporary closure of the A46.

Lincolnshire County Council is in the middle of completing a £600,000 flood prevention scheme which will see the A46 remain closed until October 19.

The Market Rasen Mail has spoken to businesses in the village to hear how they have been affected.

Andy Blagojevitch owns the Crossroads Stores and says through traffic has ‘disappeared’ from the village.

He said: “Takings have dropped by 33% on some days.

“The second week of the road closure (September 10-16) was particularly bad - we took 2/3s of what we expected to take in.

“It is making life awkward for businesses - effectively we are completely cut off.”

Andy says that he appreciates the work needed doing, but feels that Lincolnshire County Council should offer financial compensation.

He said: “It (the flood prevention scheme) had to happen, and I am pleased it is happening.

“But I don’t think businesses should suffer because of it.

“There should be something in place to claim back the money.”

Mr Blagojevitch added that he intends to seek legal advice over the loss of takings.

The Rasen Mail also spoke to Taha Rashid, the owner of the Middle Rasen Car Wash at the site of the former RCH Motors.

Taha said: “The closure of the A46 has had a big effect - we are down 80% on profits.

“We are losing too much money and there are staff that I have to pay.

“I only have two staff a day working now.”

Mr Tahid added that last Wednesday, he only made £50 all day which covers one worker’s wages.

Coun Richard Davies, executive member for highways, at LCC said: “Whilst we understand the position of those affected, it’s the statutory duty of the county council to maintain Lincolnshire’s highways.

“Because of this, we’re unable to offer any compensation for loss of business.”