Your chance to make a Lincolnshire Christmas record

The County Linx Radio team - back left to right - Andrew Ayers, Doug Lunn, Steve Kent, Leona Ayers, Robbie Johns, Carolyn Ayers.
The County Linx Radio team - back left to right - Andrew Ayers, Doug Lunn, Steve Kent, Leona Ayers, Robbie Johns, Carolyn Ayers.

Talented songwriters and musicians across the county are invited to take part in a special contest which could see them record a Christmas record.

County Linx Radio has launched the Christmas Single Competition and challenges local people to come up with an original song which will help boost radio funds and that of local charity LIVES.

The station is working in association with Lincoln’s SnP Soundhouse Records, Playing Aloud Studios, and Ingoldmells Leila Cottage Brewery.

A spokesman for the radio station said: “The winning band or artist will receive £100 prize money and will be sent to the great 
folk at Playing Aloud studios where the song will be professionally recorded. However, they must provide their own transport.

“The track will then be sent to the equally great folk at SnP Soundhouse Records who will release the song on their label.

“It will then be made available for download for a limited time in iTunes and then thanks to the sponsorship from Leila Cottage Brewery, we will be pressing 100 CDs.”

All of the profits from the sale of downloads and CDs will be split half and half between the station and LIVES.

The winning Christmas song will be made “track of the week” at County Linx Radio and be given great air time throughout December. SnP Soundhouse will handle the public relations and promotion. The band or 
artist must be based in Lincolnshire.

Those interested in taking part and want to register interest and submit a song, should email or send a Facebook Message with Christmas Comp in the subject line.

Closing date for entries in Friday, November 7.

County Linx Radio was set up as a project by a community group. The aim was to provide a local station within Lincolnshire, where local communities, charities, community groups, village hall and small businesses have the chance to promote their events without the expense.

The idea behind the competition is not only to help raise much needed funds to help keep the station on the air, and help the local charity LIVES, but to also help to raise the awareness of the many fantastic local bands and artists and to try and help them in any way possible.

The spokesman added: “We always encourage 
local bands and artists to submit music to us for airplay, as well as have shows for unsigned and independent artists from all over the world too.

“Our aim is to provide Real Rural Radio to the local community and charities and give them the opportunity to promote their events and activities.”

Community run County Linx Radio is based within the five villages of Bratoft, Firsby, Great Steeping, Irby in the Marsh and Little Steeping.