Why a Batman villain is good for business

Rose Pope modelling her Bane mask
Rose Pope modelling her Bane mask
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A Market Rasen woman’s online crochet business is booming after going viral on the internet and sparking worldwide interest.

Rose Pope, an ex-Caistor Grammar School pupil, turned her fondness for crochet into a business and her most recent creation, a crochet version of a Batman villain’s head wear, currently has a year-long waiting list.

Rose’s design is modelled on a mask worn by Bane in last year’s blockbuster film The Dark Knight Rises and her latest order was shipped to West Virginia in the USA.

“I was sat in the cinema with my sister watching the film, and had a moment of pure madness,” Rose said.

“I decided I wanted a challenge, and I turned to my sister and said, I’m going to crochet that mask.”

Rose, 22, first learned how to crochet when she decided she wanted to spend more time with her grandmother.

“It was something that she enjoyed doing and it was something I was interested in, and it was a chance to spend more time with her.

“She is great at making doilies, blankets but I wanted something that would appeal to me more,” Rose said.

“The first thing I made was a dinosaur and then I started making characters from films like Harry Potter.”

Pictures of the finished mask were posted on Empire magazine’s Facebook page and social news site reddit.com.

When Rose first added the mask to her website the waiting time was listed as two to three weeks and after going viral it has shot up to a year.

“I’m finding it quite difficult at times,” she said. “Between making the orders I’m working two jobs and I’m living with my parents.

“I’ve had 70 requests so far, and I’m getting to the point where I feel bad for apologising for the wait.

“I never expected anything like this to happen.

“But I really enjoy making them. I’ve had an order from Hong Kong and one person has asked for it in different colours for a fashion show.”

For more information on the mask visit: www.etsy.com/shop/StitchFinderGeneral.