Wet weather leaves vineyards struggling

This summer’s cold and wet weather has left two of our area’s vineyards struggling to produce enough grapes.

Bill Hobson who owns Somerby Vineyard said he has picked one variety of red and is due to pick one variety of white – but is “really struggling” with the rest.

He said: “We’ve suffered – it’s been the wettest summer we’ve had for some years.

“We’re making some attempt but we’re way down on volumes.

“We’re having to be contented with anything we get.

“We’re getting by and will just have to manage as best as we can and hope for better weather next summer.”

David Lofthouse from Three Sisters Vineyard in Claxby has not yet picked any grapes at all this year.

David, who set up the vineyard with his wife Jennifer in 2002, said the weather has not been this bad for at least four years.

He said: “It hasn’t been this bad since 2007/8.

“We might pick a few but we’re approaching the northern limits for growing vines and even the vineyards in the south coast are having problems.”

And this year’s bad weather is going to affect next year’s business.

“The problem with not picking this year means we won’t have anything to sell in 2013.”