UPDATE: Water restored to Market Rasen residents

Anglian Water news from Spalding.
Anglian Water news from Spalding.

A water main has now been fixed and Market Rasen residents should see their water coming back on Anglian Water have told the Rasen Mail this afternoon.

An Anglian Water spokesperson said: “We’re very sorry customers in Market Rasen have been without water today following a burst to a nearby water main. We appreciate this is the second one since Friday and, while we know the reason for this, we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

“We recently took the reservoir out of supply to carry out some maintenance work. This means water is being fed through the pipes by a different route which can alter the pressure in the system compared to normal. We believe this has triggered the two bursts in short succession. Therefore, as well as repairing the water main today we are also installing a pressure reducing valve to try and prevent this happening again while the reservoir maintenance is still underway.

“To keep as many customers as possible on water today we sent a large tanker to top-up the water network and keep taps running. We also had three teams of engineers working to return things to normal as quickly as possible and to install the pressure reducing valve.

“The main has now been repaired and customers are back on water, but once again we’re very sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank customers for their patience.

“After a burst, when the water returns it may look a little cloudy or discoloured. Just run your tap for a couple of minutes and it should clear – you can find more information about the appearance of your tap water on our website.”