Taxi! Get picked up by brand new Tealby firm

Tealby Taxis owner David Robinson EMN-140206-132845001
Tealby Taxis owner David Robinson EMN-140206-132845001

Courier driver David Robinson wants to take you for a ride.

But he insists it will be great service at Tealby Taxis.

Last month, David started his new business because he says he could not get other taxi companies to take his customers home.

David lives at the Kings Head pub, which is run by his son-in-law and stepson Sol and John Pickwell-Nokolaou.

While drinkers at the thatched Tealby pub will provide many customers, David expects many visits to pick up regulars at other pubs in the area.

He also expects custom from the many older people needing a ride to the shops.

“They will come from all over. I have customers from Tealby wanting to go the races, the airport runs. There is no limit to what distance I will do, or the time i will do it,” he said.

And with other taxi firms being too busy at some times, especially during the school runs, David says there is plenty of work to go round.

“I get on well with the other drivers. There is no rivalry,” he said.

Since his one vehicle operation started- a Skoda Octavia- business has been ‘grand.’

“I have had jobs leading to others. I’d go to Market Rasen and then be asked to go to Middle Rasen and then back. It’s been absolutely fantastic.”