Taxi! Council mulls £120 training test


Would-be taxi drivers may face a new £120 driving test when applying for their taxi licence if a county council road safety expert has his way.

West Lindsey District Council has agreed to investigate how tests run by Russell Morgan of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership might boost taxi safety.

Mr Morgan told the Licensing and Regulatory Committee last week that after Lincoln City introduced the test two years ago, no taxi drivers have been involved in accidents or received points on their licence. He wanted to see his test adopted countywide, which takes a day and covers matters including managing road risk, corporate manslaughter rules, customer service, mandatory vehicle checks, hazard recognition and eco-driving.

Councillors supported the idea but demanded officers investigate the safety claims.

Coun Owen Brierley said the extra test was a “no brainer” if it meant younger, inexperienced taxi drivers drove better.

Coun Lewis Strange saw the plan as another ‘check’ into the council helping ensure drivers are safe.

At present taxi licence applicants must meet police clearance checks, a local ‘knowledge’ test, but no advanced driver training.

But Licensing Team Leader Phil Hinch told members the £120 would be a “burden” for new drivers.