Skyline set for change as plans to demolish factory are agreed

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DORMANT buildings that once housed vibrant factory operations in Bardney have been earmarked for demolition.

Sugar beet processing ceased at the Bardney Sugar Factory in Station Road in 2001, resulting in the once bustling buildings becoming empty shells that have gradually fallen more and more into disrepair.

A decade on, owners British Sugar decided to look into getting these derelict buildings demolished, due to fears they were unsafe.

The ball has now began rolling on making this happen, after West Lindsey District Council gave the go-ahead.

A spokesperson for British Sugar said it was only the redundant factory buildings that were being demolished and the existing operations at the site would be unaffected.

They said: “British Sugar submitted a ‘Prior Notification of Proposed Demolition’ application to the West Lindsey District Council on July 26, 2011, as part of a feasibility study examining the potential demolition of redundant buildings at our site based at Station Road, Bardney.

“Subsequently, West Lindsey District Council notified British Sugar that the method of the proposed demolition and restoration of the site set out in our application does not require the council’s prior approval and the proposed demolition may be carried out at any time within five years from the date of our application.

“Obtaining demolition permission was only one aspect of the feasibility study that British Sugar are evaluating in relation to the redundant sugar plant, and this will be fed into our analysis prior to a decision being taken on next steps.”

The factory in Station Road was built in the 1920s and was the centre of a roaring trade, employing people from across the area.

By the 1930s, thousands of tonnes of sugar beet were being processed here every day.

Former factory worker Frank Walker was not to surprised to hear the buildings were being demolished.

The 67-year-old, who now lives in Old Bolingbroke, worked as a factory manager at Bardney Sugar Factory from 1989-1997.

He has fond memories of his time here.

He said: “The people there were very dedicated and the factory had strong ties with the village. The village was very supportive of our operations. I still visit Bardney regularly to go to the barbers there and get an update on what’s going on.

“Unfortunately once a sugar factory is no longer used, it can’t really be used for anything else.

“Luckily, when it shut in 2001, a lot of the equipment that was in the factory was sent to places like Russia and Ukraine to help out with their industries.”

British Sugar has not yet set a date for the demolition.