Site for new Aldi in Rasen


The opening would be part of a major expansion in Lincolnshire, which would see Aldi create 200 jobs across the county, with it also opening stores in Horncastle, Mablethorpe, Brigg and Skegness. A Louth outlet is already set to open next year.

The announcement follows Aldi starting work on a new £1 million store this month in Immingham, due open at Easter.

“I can confirm we have identified a site in Market Rasen and will be progressing forward with a planning application in the next six months, preceded by a public consultation,” said a spokesperson.

“We regularly receive letters from local residents showing support for an Aldi planning application and we look forward to beginning the process. If planning permission is granted, it is likely the store will open early 2016 at the earliest,” the statement continued.

The spokesperson said the store could not comment yet on where the store might be located.

At present, the store group has 10 supermarkets across Lincolnshire.

However, Aldi sought out a site several years ago in Market Rasen, but their plans for Oxford Street came to nothing.

“Aldi or Lidl looked at the site now occupied by Tradelight just before Tradelight bought it. But they said the catchment was not big enough (33,000). This is the first I have heard, but personally I would love to see this brand in town,” said Mayor John Matthews.

“Aldi was interested in the site where Travis Perkins are now,” confirmed town and district councillor Ken Bridger.

“That fell through and we’ve not heard anymore.

“Market Rasen is an area for possible growth so perhaps they may feel it is worth exploring again,” he said.

Tradelight recently gained planning permission to expand its premises on the site, as well as build housing, ruling out Aldi’s previous location for Rasen store.

However, while an Aldi or Lidl was cited by shoppers as something Market Rasen ‘needs’ in a recent Rasen Mail survey of shoppers, it’s benefit to the town might depend on its location.

“If it’s in the town centre, I’d welcome it,” said Sara Scott, chair of Mr Big.

“If it’s not in town, it could pose a threat to the health of the town centre.”

West Lindsey District Council, who would have to give planning approval, declined to comment.