Saying goodbye to ‘Dinky’ 
after 48 years in the business

Dennis 'Dinky' Bell with Robert Crowders
Dennis 'Dinky' Bell with Robert Crowders
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CROWDER and Sons Ltd has said farewell to long-time employee Dennis ‘Dinky’ Bell after 48 years of service for the company’s nursery business.

Celebrating his 65th birthday and his final day of work Dennis was joined by his colleagues and friends in the Horncastle company’s on-site restaurant, The Redwood, last month for drinks.

During his long career, Dennis undertook numerous roles and has seen the company’s development from a regional grower of countryside and garden plants into a major national supplier for large commercial projects, including London’s Olympic Park for the 2012 games.

During the farewell celebration Crowder and Sons’ Chairman Robert Crowder thanked Dennis for his long and loyal career and wished him well for a lengthy, healthy and happy retirement.

Dennis is looking forward to spending more time with his family, and having the opportunity to travel.