Rasen’s ‘lone trader’ in national shopping campaign

Wendy Harrison of Blue River Jewelery
Wendy Harrison of Blue River Jewelery

A nationwide campaign to boost independent retailers seems to have won the backing of just one Market Rasen shopkeeper.

The British Independent Retailers Association runs its annual Independent Retail Month every July, which aims to promote the benefits of high streets having independent retailers.

But a walk around Market Rasen appears to show just one retailer taking part in the nationwide promotion.

Wendy Harrison, owner of Blue River Jewellery in Queen Street, has been based in her current shop for three years, though the business has operated for longer at another site.

Wendy wishes more retailers were taking part in the national promotion, but “perhaps the others have other offers. I think they all make up their own minds.

“It doesn’t have to be a sale, like I am having, just something to promote the fact that we are independent,” she said.

“I have just started selling handbags. It’s a opportune moment to let people know they are here. It’s also a reminder to let people know there are independents on the high street. Trade is very steady but there is more interest in the handbags.”

And when it comes to her fellow independents, Wendy adds: “Hopefully, more will take part next year.”