Rasen firm in first to fight cybercrime

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Market Rasen-based SJG Digital has become the first company in the East Midlands to become a certification body for the government’s Cyberessentials scheme.

Organisations and companies trading and interacting with public bodies have to meet certain standards with regards to IT security.

Service delivery manager Joanne Austin says the purpose of Cyberessentials is to combat internet-based threats.

“It’s a rubber stamp organisations can use to say they are safe and meet a certain standard. It’s part of the government’s cybercrime strategy to reduce crime. We can help Lincolnshire be one of the safest place to carry out online commerce,” she said.

Public bodies have been mandated to require Cyberessentials from their suppliers since October 1. But it’s not just larger concerns that need it, but smaller ones too.

Cybersecurity specialist Chris Jackson says a small business using wifi from home is probably more at risk than a large corporate as their lower levels of security will make their personal data more at risk to hackers from Eastern Europe, who will then on-sell the information to other criminals.

SJG Digital spoke on the subject at the country’s first national cybersecurity in Nottingham last month, which the company says is “a pretty big deal” for a small business from Market Rasen.

Since then, the company has worked with a local primary school, a very high profile government organisation, a community support organisation, a nursery school and another IT services company to ensure they meet Cyberessentials standards. Doing so can cost several thousand pounds but the payback is “massive.”

“It says to their customers they take security and their personal information is safe and they can use this in marketing. It allows them to start to bid for government contracts ahead of competitors,” Chris said.