Rasen business owners say: ‘charge after two hours’

Market Rasen.
Market Rasen.

Redsidents and business owners in the Market Rasen area say they are concerned about the introduction of parking charges.

Bridget Pitman-Brand, who owns Market Rasen Pet Centre said that although the incoming charges will be low, town residents could be hit worst.

She said: “I personally feel it will free up spaces for people wanting to genuinely shop as it will deter people wanting to ‘park and ride’.

“On weekdays you see parking spaces full of commuters who want to car share or catch the train to Lincoln or Grimsby.

“It’s the residents I feel sorry for.

“For them, the charges are particularly harsh as they have lived here and not necessarily had space to park their cars.

“It could end up costing them a great deal in the long run.”

Ken Greenwood, who owns Rasen Hardware, said the charges would be ‘damaging to the town’.

He added: “Not only has it cost to install parking machines but we will also have to pay for a daily parking enforcer.

“The problems could have been cured by giving shoppers two hours free parking.

“This is more than enough time for people to get all their shopping done in Rasen and will stop people taking up parking spaces all day.

“I would happily reimburse charges, like the Advocate Arms, if customers presented their tickets.”