Promising signs for town despite STORE closures

RECESSION worries have hit Rasen - with three town centre shops closing their doors to business.

And while it has been common knowledge the Oxfam store was shutting its doors this month, the loss of Rasen Farm Shop in the town’s Queen Street and PG Nuts in 
Union Street were much more unexpected and sudden.

These latest closures bring the total of empty premises in the town to 11.

Some of the properties - the former Taal restaurant, Halifax and Square bar - sit on prominent sites in the town and many say this gives visitors the wrong 
impression of the town.

But far from being downhearted, business owners are confident things can be turned around.

None more so than the town’s business improvement group.

“Naturally it’s sad to see shops shut, but it’s not all doom and gloom,” said Darren Lince, MR Big volunteer and director for property and commercial.

“A new children’s wear retailer, Little Millberry’s, is about to open opposite the Square Bar, which is also undergoing a programme of repairs and renovation, ready for a new tenant.”