Product goes from home to Harrods shelves

John Brumby with his low fat crisps. EMN-140705-142917001
John Brumby with his low fat crisps. EMN-140705-142917001

A product that started life in the kitchen of an Elsham home is now gracing the shelves of a top London store.

John Brumby has been marketing his gluten free and 30 per cent less fat crisps since 2008.

And from the small beginning, he has worked energetically to fill a niche in the market, with his product now on sale at Harrods.

“We used to have a stall on Beverley market and part of research there showed that people bought ordinary crisps on the basis that they were healthy.

“So we experimented at home with a baking method with vegetable crisps and then needed to find a viable production method.”

So John developed a completely new frying technique and produced crisps with 18 percent less calories and 30 percent less fat.

Since those early days, the business has gone from strength to strength.

And as well as Harrods, Fortnum and Mason together with ten other London stores have now got the crisps on their shelves, as well as 300 other outlets throughout the UK.

In 2013, the business won a gold star at the Great Taste Awards, nationally recognised by the Guild of Fine Foods , while ‘Cool Brand’ status came next.

Production has now moved to a Dutch company.

And in 2014, John hopes to launch two new products in his range.

“Hopefully we will pick up another award or two along the way as well,” he added.