Now save as you travel with CallConnect

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BUS service CallConnect is launching a new ticket designed to save passengers money every time.

The single saver ticket – now available – allows passengers to buy ten single journeys at once and save up to £8.

The ticket can be bought from CallConnect drivers on the day of travel and is valid for six months from the date of purchase.

CallConnect service manager Paul Sanders said: “For some time we have wanted to reward fare-paying passengers for their loyalty.

“The new CallConnect saver ticket enables passengers to save money at a time when we know people’s purse strings are tight and all savings are very welcome.”

This is the latest in a series of initiatives designed to make Lincolnshire County Council’s acclaimed passenger-responsive service – which recently marked its tenth anniversary – even more efficient and cost-effective.

It follows recent extensions to the CallConnect booking centre’s opening hours and coincides with the launch of CallConnect’s new Twitter site.

Both of these will make it easier and more convenient for passengers to book their journeys and keep up to date with ticket offers and service changes, especially those caused by severe weather.

CallConnect operates a countywide network of buses and is available to passengers of all ages.

For more details about the service and how it could help you, contact the CallConnect team on 0845 234 3344; visit or twitter@callconnectbus; or text CallConnect to 82727.