New Settlement brings a ‘taste of the city’ to Caistor

Caistor Settlement relaunches EMN-140707-144239001
Caistor Settlement relaunches EMN-140707-144239001

A VIP Night kicked off a relaunch of Caistor’s Settlement restaurant and bar.

Simon Burnett and Nigel Rowson took over the Blacksmith Arms last year but were offered the lease of the Settlement to run as well.

After a month of refurbishment, the Settlement reopened with a completely changed look and feel, with the styling heading towards a London Gas Lamp look.

“It’s still a work in progress as these things always are, but the main structure is there and we look forward to adding to it as it matures. I’d like to stress this is a brand new venture, only the name is the same. We have a new chef and new direction and plans for the future,” Simon said.

With the location already well-known as the Settlement, the pair felt it best to keep the name, despite the new venture.

Downstairs has a town centre bar feel, with a bar menu that includes deli boards and pizzas, made up of ingredients flown in from Italy every week.

There are also home-made burgers, pasta and the popular fish-finger sarnie.

Simon added: “We believe we are bringing a little bit of the big city feel to the Caistor area. No-one else is doing that around us (including ourselves at Rothwell).

“This is only the first phase of the Settlement’s redevelopment. We have plans for the first floor restaurant in the future and are hoping to get that refurbished and open soon.

“Our VIP guests seemed very impressed with the changes and interested to see more in the future.”