MR BIG wifi upgrade set to roll along high street this month

Stuart Green EMN-140508-094116001
Stuart Green EMN-140508-094116001

A technical glitch has delayed an upgrade of Market Rasen’s town centre wi-fi service, but the better service should be available by the end of August.

A June start had been set for the better service, but it needed the activation of two superfast broadband cabinets, something which has been delayed.

At present a basic low-speed wi-fi service is available in part of the high street around Market Square, but the arrival of superfast broadband will see the wi-fi service extended eastwards to the traffic lights.

The current service is funded by SJG Digital and ISP Quickline, but MR BIG is providing funding for the upgrade.

Stuart Green of SJG Digital said when the fibre connection is complete, his firm can rollout wifi access points to store owners along the main street, who will simply just have to plug the devices into the mains. Not every storekeeper needs an access point, but the more there are, the more robust the wifi service will be.

A basic low speed service is free, but paid for upgrades will offer speeds of up to 76 Mb/s. The charges are £2.95 a day, £7.95 a week, or £14.95 a month.

Stuart says the town wifi charges will only be used to cover running costs and any surplus will go to MR BIG, who will invest it in the town.

Steve Brookes, OnLincolnshire broadband programme manager, said the delays were caused by a duct blockage in the middle of Market Square but this has been fixed, allowing staff to cable it and activate two cabinets.

After testing, he reckoned the upgrade could be ready within two weeks, but he would have a better idea of a start-date later this week.