MR BIG markets take winter holiday

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The monthly MR BIG markets for January and February have been scrapped to save money and to give better focus on the rest of the year.

Though Saturday’s MR BIG Christmas market was a sell-out with 40 stalls, some of the monthly MR BIG Markets have struggled to attract numbers.

Sara Scott, chair of MR BIG, said there will still be markets in Market Rasen every Saturday and the MR BIG traders are welcome to stand on those.

“We spend a lot of money on marketing and there’s the street team from West Lindsey who put the stalls up and it costs £500 a throw,” she said.

“The market is not terribly supported in the winter. With the time, effort and money, it is better concentrating on the summer. We want the big events to be successful.”

The move had been recommended by Graham Wilson, CEO of the NABMA, who is helping Market Rasen develop its markets.

It comes as councillors heard last week the planned Market Forum holds its first meeting on January 15.

Coun Steve Bunney said the open forum “was aimed at all ‘stakeholders,’” including MR BIG, other retailers, market holders and shoppers. The forum aims to create ideas to help plan better markets.

“From that we will put together a steering group which represents all interests so every party has an equal say. It’s not MR BIG, Market Rasen Town Council, but a new venture going forward,” he said.