Market Rasen business owner calls for action on CCTV

Constant break ins and thefts have left a Market Rasen shopkeeper feeling demoralised and ready to quit the town’s high street.

More than £600 worth of silver items were taken in the latest theft from Wold Antiques when the front window was smashed at about 12.30am yesterday, Tuesday.

The thieves had used a brick to smash through the front window to get to the items, smashing a £400 chandelier and other items in the process.

“It would have taken some force to get through the window as it was semi-laminated,” said Mike Walton, owner of Wold Antiques.

“A chap over the road heard three loud bangs at around 12.30am, so that was when it happened.”

This is the sixth time this year the business has been targeted and Mr Walton says it is just “soul destroying.”

“Just now, I feel like closing up, sending everything to auction and selling the shop.

“I may feel differently when the new window is in and things are tidied up - we shall see.”

Mr Walton has security cameras at the shop, which may provide some information on the incident, but is calling for more action to provide CCTV coverage for the town.

“It is a nonsense that there are cameras in place and not being used,” he said.

“They were a major expense and they are not even turned on.”

Market Rasen Town Council, who own the cameras, say it comes down to a question of finance.

“We are incredibly sympathetic with Mr Walton having suffered so much crime at his premises,” said Town Mayor Stephen Bunney.

“The CCTV cameras were installed as part of the town’s regeneration project, but unfortunately insufficient funds were put aside to sustain the service beyond five years.

“The council has been working with West Lindsey and the local police to get an alternative system going but keep hitting hurdles regarding finance and provision of equipment.

“We are currently reviewing the budget for 2013/14 and will be looking at Mr Walton’s and others request for CCTV in the town. “