Local firm leads way in global fight on fakes

The first 3D barcode EMN-150927-120552001
The first 3D barcode EMN-150927-120552001

A Brigg company has 
developed the world’s first 3D barcode, leading the way in the fight against counterfeit goods.

Sofmat Ltd, working with engineers from the University of Bradford, created the innovative anti-counterfeit marker, which can be built into anything from phones to pills.

The 3D barcode is virtually invisible to the naked eye and impossible to detect by touch. It can be read using a laser scanner, allowing products to be tracked and verified as authentic.

Most anti-counterfeit devices are stuck onto the product or its packaging after manufacture, making them easy to copy.

Because the 3D barcode is an integral part of the product itself it is very difficult to reproduce.

The patented technology is already generating interest from the electronics, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, where counterfeiting is a serious issue.

And many pharmaceutical companies are now developing moulded tablets, produced using an injection moulding process, into which a 3D barcode could be incorporated.