Job losses as Rasen travel agency closes

BTG Travel Agency Market Rasen, which went into administration last week
BTG Travel Agency Market Rasen, which went into administration last week
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Market Rasen’s only travel agent closed its doors suddenly last week - much to the surprise of both customers and staff.

The four members of staff 
at the Market Place branch 
of BTG Travel Agency received an email at one minute to five last Wednesday calling them to a meeting the following day.

And it was at that meeting they were given the news 
their parent company Bowen Travel Group had gone into administration and their jobs had gone.

“It is all a bit surreal at 
the moment,” said staff 
member Sue Tolan, who has worked for the business for 40 years.

“We have always prided ourselves on our service to the public and we will make sure that all our clients will receive any outstanding paper work and their tickets by delivering them ourselves.”

And it is this dedication to that prompted this reaction from long-term customers Barbara Edge and David Brumpton.

“The staff have been always extremely efficient, knew precisely our requirements and provided their utmost best service together with attention to detail.

“We always felt safe in their hands and would both like to say an extremely heartfelt thank you for everything 
they have done to help us over many years and would like them to know of our huge appreciation.”

A spokesman for The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has confirmed Bowen holiday bookings would be protected.

“It has always been a 
very pleasant office to work 
in and we would like to 
thank all our customers 
for their very, very loyal 
support over the years - they have been fantastic,” added Sue, on behalf of the Market Rasen team.