Hopping mad for Lincolnshire hares

Sarah Lamballe and some Lincolnshire hares before they hop out of her Bricktree Gallery
Sarah Lamballe and some Lincolnshire hares before they hop out of her Bricktree Gallery

Rabbits and hares are the taste of art connoisseurs visiting an increasingly popular gallery in the Wolds near Tealby.

The Bricktree Gallery opened just before Christmas 2013 and owner Sarah Lamballe says works highlighting the Lincolnshire countryside are very popular.

The fashion copywriter created the venture as a way for local artists to get their goods to market.

“There was nowhere for them to sell in this area. My business is here to create inspiring retail space,” she said.

Bricktree Gallery is sited at Bully Hill Top, behind the Wolds View Tearooms, overlooking open countryside with stunning views.

“We have many artists in Lincolnshire, Seb Vab B, Richard Chuck and local sculptor Paul Hempsall. He works largely in reclaimed timber, pared down and taking an inspiration from the countryside. His estuary work is made from reclaimed driftwoods,” Sarah explained.

The gallery also stocks ceramics from Louise Brown, a self-taught artist who lives near Boston, whose work stems from her love of animals.

“For some reason, hares are hugely popular. I think it’s the Wolds influence. Louise also does dogs and her pieces are handmade and truly beautiful,” Sarah said.

And its not just rabbits and hares customers seek, but also Cuxwold lapel brooches and handpainted furniture using Annie Sloan paint.

“Everybody is getting more Kirsty Allsopp-y.”

Customers are coming to the gallery from Yorkshire, Norfolk and elsewhere, often camping and caravanning at nearby Market Rasen.

“We have had so many saying how fabulous the Wolds are. There is a huge amount of word-of-mouth about the district. The weather has been our friend too. We have been tremendously lucky,” Sarah said.

But even if the season falters, Sarah plans to inject something extra, with sewing classes featuring Jill Brown of English Rose starting in October, and workshops Seb Van B and other artists are also planned.

And if that isn’t enough, visitors will be able to enjoy the stunning views of the Wolds, once an upstairs holiday flat overlooking Sir Richard Sutton’s estate is complete.

“It’s nearly killed us setting up the business, but it’s really inspirational,” Sarah added.